Mindfulness Exercises | Meditation Techniques For Beginners

by Annika Paynter on December 4, 2010

Mindfulness is a state of being. Being in the moment. Present. Aware. The ability to filter through life’s distractions so you can focus clearly. Mindfulness allows you to live life to the fullest…on your terms.

There are many mindfulness exercises you can use to get calm, release stress, and get centered. One of the easiest, fastest, and most efficient ways to become mindful is meditation.

The wonderful thing about mindful meditation is that it’s safe and totally ‘portable.’  By portable I mean you can do it anywhere, anytime. No special equipment or gear is necessary. You don’t have to pick a specific time or place to get mindful or meditate.

Once you learn how to become mindful through meditation, nothing can distract you from your goal or intentions.  With mindful meditation, you can achieve much more in less time. The benefits to meditation are many.

Here’s what’s possible with effective mindfulness exercises:

Feeling calm
Less stress
Greater focus
Increased productivity
Less procrastination
Open channels for manifesting
Clarity of mind
Heightened joy and passion

All the above are possible once you learn how to become mindful.

Here’s a very simple and quick mindfulness exercise you can use right now to get calm, centered, and relieve anxiety and stress. All it takes is 5 minutes.

1. Find a quiet place to sit. Relax, with feet flat on the floor, back straight and hands in your lap.

2. Close your eyes

3. Relax.  Now, take a deep breath. Inhale slowly through the nose. Bring the breath down into your diaphragm. Hold it.  Exhale slowly through the mouth. Focus on your breath…nothing else.

Repeat this four times. Count with each inhalation. 1-2-3-4…1-2-3-4…

Start slow. Just a few minutes to begin with so you become comfortable with sitting still. Let’s face it…sitting still can be difficult if you’re someone who’s always ‘do do doing.’

This simple meditation exercise is a great start and foundation on your journey toward mastering mindfulness.

There are many other excellent mindfulness exercises and meditation techniques for beginners to help you to get centered, calm, release anxiety, and get back on track.