Mindfulness Exercises For The Day

by Annika Paynter on February 15, 2011

Ever gotten so bogged down by too many tasks at work? Ever gotten so stressed out simply trying to catch up with the housework? Here’s the secret — you don’t have to be! Much of the stress we feel during the day is self-inflicted — and as such, it is under our power.

At work, it’s easy to get tempted to multitask — all that clutter in your mind forces you to deal with more than one thing at a time. But multitasking doesn’t get more done — it just involves more stress. It’s best to focus on just one task at a time — and that’s where mindfulness exercises can help.

Mindfulness exercises help get rid of the unnecessary “clutter” in your head, and help you focus on the really important things. A good mindfulness exercise is simple deep breathing with your eyes closed — when you focus on just your breathing and absolutely nothing else, you center yourself in the moment and become completely, 100% mindful of yourself.

That’s why meditation is a great mindfulness exercise. Getting good at meditation means getting good at focusing on just your breathing. Taking a few minutes to meditate and become mindful will easily increase your efficiency at work and help you manage your stress better!

There are other simple, sometimes silly exercises to increase your mindfulness anytime during the day, such as feeling your belly rise with every breath or asking yourself where your knee is at the moment.

The key is to find a meditation technique that works for you. Meditation is, after all, a personal experience!

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