Mindfulness Exercises For The Day

by Annika Paynter on February 15, 2011

Ever gotten so bogged down by too many tasks at work? Ever gotten so stressed out simply trying to catch up with the housework? Here’s the secret — you don’t have to be! Much of the stress we feel during the day is self-inflicted — and as such, it is under our power.

At work, it’s easy to get tempted to multitask — all that clutter in your mind forces you to deal with more than one thing at a time. But multitasking doesn’t get more done — it just involves more stress. It’s best to focus on just one task at a time — and that’s where mindfulness exercises can help.

Mindfulness exercises help get rid of the unnecessary “clutter” in your head, and help you focus on the really important things. A good mindfulness exercise is simple deep breathing with your eyes closed — when you focus on just your breathing and absolutely nothing else, you center yourself in the moment and become completely, 100% mindful of yourself.

That’s why meditation is a great mindfulness exercise. Getting good at meditation means getting good at focusing on just your breathing. Taking a few minutes to meditate and become mindful will easily increase your efficiency at work and help you manage your stress better!

There are other simple, sometimes silly exercises to increase your mindfulness anytime during the day, such as feeling your belly rise with every breath or asking yourself where your knee is at the moment.

The key is to find a meditation technique that works for you. Meditation is, after all, a personal experience!


Using Your Breath as an Effective Mindfulness Exercise

by Annika Paynter on January 20, 2011

How does one become more mindful? How exactly does the way you think have an effect on your reaction and response to situations? How does the way you think affect your emotional response to situations?

There are lots of mindfulness exercises, but just about the most effective technique is ‘awareness.’ When you’re aware of your surroundings, aware of your body, the way you feel, there’s very little room or space inside you and in your mind for anything else except being aware and in the moment. Distractions fall away. A feeling of peace and calm fill you, replacing any stress or tension you might have experienced.

So what can you do to become more aware, present, and in the moment? Well, an excellent starting point is to focus on your breath.

Just this simple act alone…of breathing…inhaling, exhaling… seems to dissipate any negativity you might be feeling. Among the list of easiest strategies to gain back your balance to get relaxed and mindful is to take a slow, deep breath. Everything starts with the breath. Open your throat. Relax your body. Your breath is your life energy that links to inner wisdom and your higher power.

The next time you’re feeling stressed, tense, or anxious, observe your breath. Anytime you feel the need or desire to return to center, breathe. Visualize the cool, clean air infusing your throat and lungs with beautiful light. This straightforward awareness will help you to get focused almost instantly. This simple act is an extremely powerful mindfulness exercise…a wonderful meditation.

In fact, make it a daily habit to include into your life. All it takes is a couple minutes, tops. Through breathing and meditation, you consciously reprogram your thoughts and mind. Meditation is just about the easiest and most readily accessible techniques for becoming aware, present, and tapping into your higher self.